Independence Day Sale on Flipkart and Freedom Sale on Amazon

Both Flipkart and Amazon have announced their sales for the independence day celebrations in India. The website Flipkart is hosting “Independence Day Sale” between August 8 and 10, 2019. calls its sale as “Freedom Sale” that will run between August 8 and 11, 2019.

Well, first let me summarize the key information available for your convenience:

Promotion Name Online Store Duration (everyone) Duration (Early access) Partner Banks and Cards for Discounts
Freedom Sale August 8 midnight-August 12, 2019 August 7, 12 noon- August 12, 2019 for Amazon Prime members 10% instant discount with SBI Credit cards
Independence Day Sale August 8 midnight-August 10, 2019 August 7, 8:00 pm-August 10, 2019 for Flipkart First members 10% Instant discount on ICICI Bank credit and debit cards, also on EMI.

Who should buy?

If you have an SBI credit card, ICICI Bank credit or debit card, you might enjoy fabulous discounts on offer!

What should you buy?

Electronics such as smartphones, televisions, refrigerators and so on.

Fashion products like jewelry and clothing

Grocery, household and kitchen products

Who should not buy?

If you already have a complete wardrobe, do not buy.

If you do not have the cards on discount, do not buy.

Buy products that save you money and are useful in the long run. Money saved is as good as money earned.

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