How to Buy and Sell Gold on Google Pay?

If you are from India or are a traditional investor, your love for the yellow metal Gold can be easily understood. It may be a good idea to convert some part of your investment into gold as the metal prices are only expected to rise, and you can trade gold for any future emergency need. MMTC Pratap India is a renowned brand for 99.99% gold and silver products in India. You can bank on their seal for purity. Now, buying and selling gold can be as easy as touch of your smartphone with the help of “Gold Vault” on Google Pay app.

Steps to Follow

  1. Install “Google Pay” app on your Android device. You may use invite code: if you may like to earn INR 51 cashback on your first payment made via Google Pay.
  2. Signin with your Google id on the Google Pay app.
  3. Check “Gold Vault” icon in the Google Pay app.
  4. Select the quantity of gold you wish to buy from MMTC. You can buy as less as 1 gram of gold from your Google Pay account. When you click on buy option, the app displays the current buying price of gold per mg. For instance, at present, the rate is INR 3.91 per mg that includes all taxes and gst.
  5. You can sell the gold you bought on Google Pay using the same app at the current market rates on the day you decide to sell off your gold.
  6. Your gold savings are protected in your Google Pay linked Gold Vault account.

Google Pay app was earlier branded as Tez app.

Useful information by Google:

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