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Why SaversBox?

We created this platform because we discovered two ways to help people save money online and besides that, we would really love to help you save money online.

Recommend Better and Cheaper Services.
One of the ways is to recommend better and cheaper services to potential users who might want to be more economical if they have an opportunity to. This opportunity comes around when a company decides to reduce their pricing in other to attract more customers. This part of our service though is not visible on our home page because we only send people recommendation emails when they join a service and we can categorize their service of interest.

Sharing is Caring And Caring Saves.
The other way is to share half of the commissions we get from these companies with the user as a way of saying thank you for following our recommendations there by helping to offset some of the cost of service for the user and making them some savings. This is just what real grateful and practical people do. The rest is put in the business to keep it going.

The internet is a big virtual world that is very much similar to the real world in size and in business. Infact, we estimate that it has almost 100% connection with it as it is used by the same people in real life to effectively communicate and transact goods and services with each other.

We Love To Say Thank You In Action (not just words).
It is a common thing in real life to say thank you. Constant customers to a shop in real life get rebates, change or price offsets sometimes when they purchase goods and not just word of mouth "Thank You". has decided to include this real life act of humans in business transactions in the online world. Because the two worlds have a lot in common, we believe that if it is obtainable in the real life world, it is also obtainable in the online world.

We hope you would have a happy experience with us.