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Use These Examples to Understand How Much You Can Earn With Us.

For Advertising/Marketing Services

Below is a descritpion of how we pay using mailerlite as an example. Mailerlite is an email marketing service that has monthly and yearly subscription in their pricing. From this description, you can understand how much you are going to save while using your prefered services through us.

We share almost 50% commission with you. For example, if you subscribe monthly to mailerlite with $140. Mailerlite shares 30% of that with us which is $42. In turn we share 50% of that with you which is $21. This means you will get steady $21 cash back from us every month you renew your subscription making your subscription $119 instead of $140, and so on and so forth.

You can apply this example to every other service you see on our website whether it is gambling, or trading. It all depends on how much you spend on the service and how much % of that they share with us.


You Spend

We Pay You
Monthly Plan

Yearly Plan

For more information on this visit: MailerLite Pricing

For RevShare Services

For Revshare services we share with you 50% of the commission we earn from every adpack you purchase for a lifetime period. For example if you purchase an adpack worth 1 BTC, We receive 10% of that which is 0.1 BTC, then we share half of that with you which is 0.05 BTC. We deposit it to your BTC wallet the same day we receive it. Please Note that the commission % of some revshares vary.

For Betting/Gambling Services

If you join gambling services like Bitsler that has 1% house edge, then every time you wager 2 BTC, you will receive 0.001 BTC and if you wager 4 BTC, you will receive 0.002 BTC. Just calculate it that way. The more you wager, the more you get from us. We pay out once your profit reaches 0.002 BTC and if it is more than that, we send you all your profit at once. The more house edge a gambing website has, the more profit you can make with us from your wagers. Go to our support page and send us any questions you may have.

We're working on other categories. Updates coming soon...

Can't wait for us, Just divide affiliate commissions of the service by 50% and that is your cut.