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Not Many Rules Just A Few Expectations

1. You are expected to choose only websites that you really find useful, profitable, and would have joined even outside of Saversbox. You can do your research first then comeback here and continue.

2. You are not expected to unnecessarily spend money on a website just so that you can get some change back on SaversBox. Of course that would be very unreasonbale.

3. You are expected to properly do your research on the website before joining them from Saversbox. Saversbox is not responsible for scam websites that don't work well but we will do our best to ensure that we only work with legitimate websites. However, our main job is to share our revenue with you and help you save money and make more money.

4. You are expected to be of the right age in your country to join websites like gambling or trading websites so that you don't break the law.

5. You are expected to be honest and accurate with the information you provide us with after joining a website from here in other to make things easy for us while verifying your details.

6. Not really a rule but an expectation. We would love you to give us a reply when you receive your first payment. This will gladen our hearts and help us save more people some money.