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Please Follow These Instructions Step By Step To Make This Website Work For You.

1. First you arrive at this page.

2. Scroll down to this section and click on any of these links(websites) in the list.

3. Click on any of these links inside the yellow rectangle

4. For example I will click on the link

5. Clicking on the link, will show you the page below.
Click again on the link highlighted in yello circle below.

6. That would bring you to the page below, the website.
Sign up here. After signing up and verifying an account here,
go back to saversbox "submit details page" and fill the form.

7. Now that you have signed up on, come back to the page below,
scroll down and fill out the form and click submit details.

8. Fill out this form, enter your first name, email address on luckygames, username on luckygames,
and your Bitcoin Wallet Address where you want to receive payments.

We will use these to identify you correctly on luckygames as our user, and communicate with you when we pay you.

9. Then click on submit details button. This is the final step. After you have done that, You have completed your own part.
We will verify your information and reply to your email with a confirmation message within 24 - 48 hours.

Please remember to contact support or live chat if you have any confusions
or questions regarding these steps or our service in general.
We will answer all your questions.

Thank you.