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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SaversBox?
SaversBox is a website that rewards its users with extra cash when they earn money from other websites and refunds its users some money when they spend money on other websites.

Should I use SaversBox? Do I need to use SaversBox?
It depends on you. If you will like to get refunded and save some money every time you spend money online, then you should use SaversBox. If you will like to get paid some additional money on top of what you earn online, then you should use SaversBox.
How much will I receive from SaversBox ?
It depends on how much you spend or how much you earn. It could be huge and it could be small. For example when you purchase shopify from SaversBox, We refund you 100% of the purchase fee. This means you are now using shopify for free. Another good example is linkshrink. If you you use linkshrink from SaversBox and earn up to $1,000 from your shortened links, We pay you extra $100. All info are detailed on our home page when you hover on any site link.

How often will I receive payments from SaversBox ?
You will receive payments from us every time you spend or earn money online. We keep paying you for life time. As long as you keep using the website you joined from here, and keep earning or spending on it, You will keep receiving payments from us.

How and where will I receive payments?
We pay you in Bitcoins in your Bitcoin Wallet. We are working to add more payment methods very soon. Meanwhile, If you don't have a bitcoin wallet yet, you can open one now from here here.

What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a fast growing digital crypto-currency that is receivable and acceptable worldwide and can be easily converted to real cash in any currency. Started back in 2009, 1 Bitcoin was equivalent to about 10 cents. But today 1 bitcoin is equivalent to over $10,000 USD. That is simply amazing.

I have more questions that are not answered here. What should I do?
Just hit the support page above and send us your questions or drop us a message on the live chat widget. We will reply to you within 24 hours.